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Home is where the heart is

The Isle of Raasay, Scotland

The Isle of Raasay in the Scottish highlands is a truly magical place, quiet and surrounded by the sea and greenery - it is the perfect getaway. It is still amazing how many people feel such a strong connection to this island, even though I  understand why! Almost everyday I have a customer come into the shop to say how much they would love to live here - after one visit. And I have lost count of how many emails I have received from people telling me that they visited Raasay decades ago and haven't never been able to forget it! Does that not hint at something special?

From beautiful scenery to the ever changing weather and the stunning wildlife, it's not surprising why this place captured people's hearts. I love that in my job I am able to create piece of jewellery that remind others of where they call 'home'. Or, where they wished they called 'home'! 

After creating the home is where the heart is is collection in 2013, I have heard hundreds of stories about people's connections to Raasay. From their childhood visits 50 years ago, to the lady who popped into her shop to say that her boyfriend had just proposed on top on Dun Caan and needed something to reminder her of the special occasion! It means so much to me where I hear a story about why their purchase of a Raasay pendant means to much to them. It's great to have a little glimpse into other people's lives sometimes.

Over the years I have probably hand cut nearly 1000 islands from silver, and they are now all over the world. I find it so therapeutic to cut out the islands from solid silver. As I have done this so often now I could probably cut a Raasay pendant out with my eyes shut! 

It's also interesting to see what shape people see when they look at the Raasay pendant... some see a diving otter and some have said a bird! Unfortunately I just see the map outline! 

Let me know below - have you ever been to Raasay? If so, what was your favourite thing? What was your favourite place to visit? Do you have connections? Let me know!

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Home is where the heart is...

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